Pink Hangers

One of the most beautiful souls I know, and I have the privilege to call a fellow Mama Bear, brought this story to me tonight. With all of its love and straight up realness, it needed to be shared. And supporting my tribe, that is something I’ll do in a hot second.

From the beautiful soul of Megan:

“Pink hangers….

I was in the middle of doing respite foster care for a 4 year old girl and a 3 month old baby boy recently. With two one year olds of my own, I had 4 kids under 4 living in my home. I was less than put together at this point.

My in-laws had taken my girls for the night so we could have some form of “rest” (sleep through the night, not bathing 4 children at the same time, actually getting to eat supper, take your pick…) and the night was going very well.

My hubby was rocking the baby and watching the news and I was putting my girls’ laundry away. I grabbed their hangers to hang their clothes and the 4 year old was in the room listening to music. She looked and said what’s those things. I replied they are hangers to hang your clothes on. She said yeah but they’re pink, they make pink ones of those? I said yes sweetie they come in all kinds of colors. She ends the conversation with oh I’ve never had pretty pink hangers like that before.

Consider my world ROCKED. To her these were not JUST hangers.

They were PINK hangers.

Now, I don’t know the back story of this girls family situation, nor does it matter. What matters here is that with that comment, this girl knocked me down to a level so low that I looked up to her. So low that I had never even considered that my girls wouldn’t have pink hangers, they’re girls right? Obviously you get pink hangers to hang their clothes. But to her, one, we had hangers. And two they were pink.

I stood there for a minute. And she carried on with her music and dancing. And then I walked out to the kitchen to help make supper and told my husband the story. All the while still thinking it’s just a hanger but to her it’s so much more. It’s someone who is there to hang up your clothes and cares enough to care that you want pink hangers not just plain hangers or no hangers.

So- I marched right back into that room. I said sweetie where are your clothes you picked out for school tomorrow? She handed them to me. I said pick out a hanger. She grabbed that pink hanger and I hung those clothes right up on there.

And you guys- the smile that came across that girls face, my heart almost couldn’t take it.

It’s more than just a hanger.”

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