Welcome to #iwearredforcharlie! If you know me, I thank you so much for following me and supporting me on this journey. If you don’t know me, I equally thank you, but I want you to get to know me.

My name is Shelby. I live by faith and expecting the unexpected. Our team is six strong, and Lucas and I run a zone defense with our four beautiful children, Mya, Jackson, Adrian, and Charles. In the years since the birth of my son, my family has undergone huge obstacles and made huge accomplishments. It has been the best and worst years of our lives, and we have grown from them tremendously.

You see, my son was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease, Mitral Stenosis (primary issue). And with that has come more medical terminology, surgeries, specialists, nurses, medications, and appointments then one should ever have to endure. In future posts you will learn more about our journey as a CHD family, our family of 6, stories of our life, and whatever randomness I choose to throw at you.

My children are the reason I have chosen to follow this dream of writing. I believe in leading by example, and that means I too must do what makes me happy. I am also anxious to share my thoughts with others and hopefully make a difference in this crazy world.

I welcome your feedback and I hope you will continue to follow me, as I follow my dream.