With Humble Gratitude

Matthew 25:40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

I received a call from my husband yesterday which started out with “the door”, “I heard Beasley”, “went outside”.  The thoughts in my head were “please don’t finish with he got hit by a car.” 

Then he said “there was an envelope”. And he proceeded to read the contents as I could hear him holding back tears (this is a rare occasion). As I on the other end held them back myself. Inside the envelope was a kind message and a gracious gesture. And no signature. 

I was truly awestruck and completely befuddled for several obvious minutes and at random points throughout the rest of the day. Never discovering who left the mysterious envelope that completely changed our vibe for the day and filled us with appreciation. 

How easily we forget the light that God has given us in today’s dark world. A few weeks ago Pastor Scharf gave a sermon on Lazarus death and the expectations that we have from prayer. “We pray, He pays, right?” And this hit me. 

Charles struggles often lead me to prayer. I use to pray that he could just be healthy. Now I pray that he could just have two weeks of good health. My current prayer is for 28 days. The problem is too often we pray, and then we doubt and after we pray we stop! We must address him in worship, in thanksgiving, in praises, in kindness to others and prayers. Not expecting to receive every time we decide to do so. Pastor Scharf spoke, “Trust Him. Live for Him.” 

To the kind person or persons that showed us God is listening all of those times we pray and worship him, may He bless you. May you continue to truly live for him. We have no way to thank you personally but I hope in some way, from somewhere, you see this and you know how grateful we are. 

May God Bless You. 

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