To Our Family Physician

You wonder why we need you?

You ask why we came?

I’ve usually predicted the diagnoses.

So often it’s the same.


For 9 years you’ve put up with me.

When everyone else said, “we can’t help you anymore.”

I brought challenges before you,

And you never showed me the door.


It was different when it was just me,

I only wanted my pain to stop.

Today I bring you my family,

I’d gladly add their pain on top.


With my family comes new challenges,

Often ones you wouldn’t expect.

You take time to address each issue ,

And you show me the utmost respect.


Many times I question you,

The choices that you make.

But the reason that I choose you,

My input you always take.


You praise me as a mother.

You reassure me that I’m right.

When many others question me,

You don’t put up a fight.


You rise above the bar I’ve set  (believe me, it’s pretty high.)

Every time we see you, or talk on the phone;

You answer all my questions,

You let me know I’m not alone.


So when you question why we need you.

My answer will always be the same.

Your dedication and care, cannot be compared.

And it’s always been that way, since the first day that I came.

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